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When in doubt just think WWJD, what would Joss do.


1. I don’t think it’s to much to ask for a minimum of two posts weekly. Though the more active you get the more posts we (we being anya_ankyanka, harm_kendall, and sweetjayguitar) will expect of you, this mostly lays on the shoulders of the people who have been caste to playing main characters. If there is a time you are unable to post for any reason either let the us know my e-mailing the mods or posting it in the ooc. ( which by the way is isd_ooc) The earlier you let us know the more it helps.

2. Do Not Post OOC in the main journal. We have isd_ooc For that.

3. If you plan on using some one else’s character in your post you are expected to have talked to them first and received their permission.

4. You shouldn’t have to be told to be adults but for record’s sake, be adults. There will be slash and sex, if any of this offends you then we suggest you don’t join. But, we are going to try and keep the sex down to a nice clean minimum, please. Nothing too over the top.

5. If you bring an original character into the community please post an intductery and background information in the OOC journal, isd_ooc. This is just so that the other members can know whats going on and see where you character is coming from.

6. You are welcome to bring your own plotlines into the RPG via your own entries or a plot that you and another player have brainstormed and wish to play. However, please make sure than plotlines do not clash with others and that everyone else can easily notice and adapt to the plot. And please explain the idea in isd_ooc.

7. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not neglect to tell me if you've decided to quit the group. Do not ignore the community and vow to never post again. I won't be mad or hate you if you can't be with us, but I will be upset if you leave me hanging without any word saying that you've left. I need to know so I can replace your character.

Questions? Comments? Want to join?
anya_ankyanka, harm_kendall, or sweetjayguitar

Buffy Summers (to be sired) - lost_calling
Faith - faithless_faith
Ariel Morgan (Original) - sweet_ariel

Scooby Gang
Willow - magickal_willow
Xander - private_harris
Anya - anya_ankyanka
Tara - _tarabear_
Wesley – (open)

Daniel ‘Oz’ Osbourne - sweetjayguitar
Veruca - scarlet_letter

Harmony Kendall - harm_kendall
Drusilla - dark_goddes
Vampire Willow redvampwillow
Vampire Xander – (Open)
Vampire Buffy – b_the_vampire
Spike – (Open)
Angelus – angelousoul

British Men
Wesley - wesley_w_pryce
Giles rgiles_watching
Ethan letchasorayne

Maggy Walsh - prof_mag_walsh
Riley - (Open)
Forest – (Open)
Graham – (Open)

Erin (Original) - princess_erin_w
Heather (Original) - heavenboundangl

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